Femme flow day retreat

Hanau und Umgebung

Recharge your body and mind with a wonderful day in nature.

a magical day in nature

Let’s embark on a journey together, exploring the depths of your heart’s desires, dreams, and aspirations. In a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere, I’d love to capture your radiant beauty through the lens of my camera, creating a visual expression of your true essence.To conclude this rejuvenating experience, we’ll unwind with a gentle yoga practice, including Savasana, guided by my talented friend Laura.


femme flow


Thursday, 09. May 2024 I 11 – 16 h

Sunday, 30. June 2024 I 11 – 16 h

Saturday, 13. July 2024 I 9 – 14 h

Friday, 02. August 2024 I 17 – 22 h

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148 €

Experience a special day just for yourself. Enjoy the company of different wonderful women and be creative in nature.


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Feld, Wald, Wiese rund um Neuberg, Erlensee, Langenselbold. Genauer Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben



90-minütige Yogapraxis, Savasana, Einzelshooting inkl. 6 Fotos für dich als digitaler download, kreatives, personalisiertes Workbok und Verpflegung


for whom?

Das Day Retreat richtet sich an Frauen und an sich weiblich identifiziernde Personen

meet your hosts


Julia Smith


Julia Smith

a passionate natural boudoir, portrait and brand photographer based in Hanau, Germany. Photography has been my lifelong love affair, ignited by a heartfelt gift from my grandfather when I was just eight years old – a camera that sparked my creative journey.

My photography journey isn´t just about snapshots; it´s about empowering women to embrace their unique beauty and feel confident in their own skin.

laura baldy

This women is literally on my side my whole live. Our dads are best friends which is the reason why we share yeaaaars of good memories. Thats wonderful, isn´t it? Now she is my Business Partner In Crime and we got together to help women to accept theirselves a bit more.

Laura is a yoga teacher and her sessions are so unbelievebly calming – you definitly have to try it! She´ll make you sweat and at the same time gets your mind to calm down and relax. After the hard part of the session you always experience a wonderful savasana to relax even more.